Debt Negotiation Attorney

Before you declare bankruptcy learn how a qualified debt negotiation attorney can help. Read more here:

When to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

Businesses and wealthy individuals in the United States sometimes find themselves unable to pay off their debts in their current financial affairs, and when this happens, bankruptcy may be declared. Some may dread the idea of declaring bankrupt, and may think it means “broke and hopeless.” While bankruptcy is indeed declared when the debtor party

The Basics of Maritime Law

Courts of law around the world can be used for more than criminal defense or divorce cases. Many courts today are used for maritime litigation, or for bankruptcy filing from minor companies. Maritime litigation, in particular, deals with international law regarding ocean-bound vessels and their cargo and crew, and particular lawyers may be hired for


Unfortunately, foreclosure is not uncommon across the country in the United States. In fact, in 2013 alone nearly every one in ninety six homes was foreclosed. It typically takes only just over a month to foreclose on a home in the state of California, and these homes can sell for nearly $400,000, if not more.

Legal Newsletter

Forget the images of staid, bookish old lawyers in libraries – law is an evolving, fast-changing industry. And the more the laws change, the more you need a legal newsletter to keep up with the latest rulings and regulations.

Three Safety Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Fall

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Credit Card Approval After Bankruptcy

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