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This can cause your teeth sparkle but it could also change the color of existing teeth. So who can perform this method? The process of whitening teeth can be performed by any dentist, as well as other dental professionals like a dental therapist and hygienist. Certain beauty salons provide the services of teeth whitening. However, it’s not legal to do so if there is no dentist in the premises. In the absence of professional assistance, it may also put one’s dental health in danger, regardless of whether or not these beauty salons provide affordable kits for teeth whitening and products that are affordable. Even though they offer DIY, affordable whitening products and affordable strip for teeth whitening must be used, it’s imperative that you seek out professional advice due to the risks involved. So, what happens during the process of professional teeth whitening? Following the completion of this procedure it is necessary for the patient to make numerous visits to their dentist for some months. The dentist will also make an impression of the patient’s tooth and design a customized mouthguard. The dentist will show them how apply bleach gel it for two to four weeks. 8b94hblkrn.