Behind the Business of Bagged Ice Cubes – Morgantown WV Business News

ouTube channel of Mike’s Icemachine’s. “How to run a profitable Bagged ice Business, Packaged Ice Business with a Profit,”they talk about how to use the five-ton Day Tube Ice Machine. The machine can produce up to 11 pounds of frozen ice in just 24 hours or even 5000kgs. This model is intended for retailers, medium and small-sized eateries, as well as food establishments that require the ice, or wish to sell it.

A 15 HP piston compressor conserves energy and electricity. The ice is made by slides made of steel and can be placed in two huge plastic containers that can be packed for selling or to keep food and food preparation for events cool. This device produces clear tubes Ice that stays chilled for long durations without melting. It is not likely to melt when used to make beverages or beverages.

A small to medium the size of a food service, this machine makes it simple to get the ice needed for food and drinks or to offer it to consumers. Bagged ice cubes sell well in convenience stores and supermarkets. It can be added on your menus for take-out in small eateries and food stores.