Felonies (What Are They?) Defined by a Felony Lawyer – Legal Newsletter

These are the most severe crimes and can result in prison for more than one year. It includes rape, murder and kidnapping among other violent offenses. Check out the video below to get more information.
What is a felony?

A felony can be described as a crime which can result in greater than one year in prison. The lesser-serious crimes are those which don’t require as long imprisonment. For instance, murder is considered a felony because it requires at minimum one year in jail.

Different types of felonies

Capital Felony is the most serious act of crime committed against an individual, like murder or the crime of rape. Also, you can commit the capital crime of killing officers on duty or helping another person execute murder for hire. Certain states allow an accomplice who helped plan the execution of a crime can be accused with capital murder, even though they didn’t actually commit the crime themselves.

First Degree Felony criminal offense is one for which the punishment can include life imprisonment without parole, or even death after conviction. Certain states permit prosecutors to pursue maximum sentences for any crime regardless of whether it is classified as a first degree. Contact a felony lawyer for more information.