How Do Auto Body Shops Match Paint? – Car Crash Video

With the advent of technology it is now possible to know how to match your paint color without making a trip to the dealership physically. With decades of experience within this field, certain companies are able to match hues over the phone.

A lot of technicians are able to measure different aspects of the vehicle under various lighting conditions. Following that, they send out sample cars which will be compared with expert color matchers through email or phone conversations. They will give you some suggestions, even if it is difficult to determine exactly what they are looking for.

Other Products

What are the ways auto body workshops match the paint on your car parts? Certain companies also offer products specifically designed for wheel match or window tinting as well as interior upholstery. They may be able to provide an economical alternative to buying the materials in bulk. The majority of these products, such as the paint spray for wheels, come pre-packaged and ready for use. This also makes it much easier for insurers of car insurance to pay the costs of painting matching after a car accident or damaged. With these options that’s why car mechanics have turned into the most lucrative profession in recent years.

Artwork custom made

Are you curious about the way auto body shops mix paint? If yes, you should be aware that there are some parts of automobiles that need customized painting because of increased level of difficulty, including roofs, hoods and trunks. When it comes to these areas, it’s not necessary to find an exact color match. But, picking a color similar to the original color is crucial and investing in specific tools could be worthwhile.

Make use of regular latex paint for your home.

What is the best way for auto body shops to make sure that paint matches? The auto body shop employs a range of methods to match paint in refinishing an automobile. Many of these procedures are relatively simple. eo2rhk1bdq.