How Does a Judge Set a Bail Amount – Online Day Trading

You could be charged with a crime offense. If you post bail, you are allowed to be released from jail and get ready for your trial from the convenience of your own home. It is however expensive. The video below explains the way bail amount is decided by the judge , based on specific facts in the case.

Important to keep in mind that bail is not the equivalent of a penalty or fine. It’s a security deposit that is paid to certain you’re present on the court date. Your bail will be returned to you at the end your trial.

There are bail schedules set in courts and these establish the amount required to be paid in order to fund a defense. This is not the only factor in determining the bail. It can also be reduced or raised by a judge, who has considerable power.

The bail is able to be entirely waived. The judge is able to suspend bail in the event that the defendant is in good standing. In the video below, you will find further details on bails as well as the method of setting the bail amount.