How Does an Air Conditioning System Work? – House Killer

It’s a true miracle-worker. How much information do you know about the air conditioning unit? Are you aware of what it does? This informative video breaks the process into pieces for you.

A compressor, condenser and expansion valve comprise the system of air conditioners. Both the condenser and the Evaporator are both responsible for the exchange of heat. The condenser is located outside of the building, while the evaporator sits inside the room that’s being air-conditioned. They’re likely to be familiar to you, though they might not have received their official names.

The compressor circulates the refrigerant through the pipework and then it cycles between the different parts of the air conditioner. The term “refrigerant” refers to a substance that can alternate between liquids and gas. Fascinating, huh? The refrigerant’s flow is increased through the evaporator.

To discover more interesting information about the mechanics of air conditioning, watch the following video. db513yd753.