How Italian Shoes Are Better Than American and English Shoes – CEE News

manufacturing shoes, which include England, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, and even the United States. Italy is the most favored because of its many years of knowledge in making custom and factory-made shoes for males and women. But what is it that does it make Italian shoes superior to shoes from other countries?

High-end craftsmanship is the main motive Italian shoes are superior to American or English shoemakers. The video’s narration says Italy is the home of the finest shoemakers in Europe. The shoemakers in Italy are among the best-trained in Europe.

Italian shoes offer a third advantage over American and English footwear: their materials. Italian leather craftsmen are dedicated to making footwear bag, clothing, and shoes with the best quality leather. For top-of the-line shoes, they choose leather with care from the full grain as well as calfskin.

The third factor is comfort. Italian shoes are superior to American or English footwear. A majority of Italian handmade shoes are Blake stitched. That means that they are stitched on the inside. As their feet have the ability to move in a fluid manner, this helps them to be more comfortable.

Fourth reason Italian shoes are better than American and English shoes is they have a distinct look due to the color-blocking and patent-pending leather.