How to Avoid Hearing Loss – Health Advice Now

Hearing loss is a constant problem every day. Many of us don’t realize it’s happening until the moment it’s too late, having taken the test to determine our hearing. Are you losing your hearing? This video will explain why.

In your ear, there are sensory hair cells inside the inner ear. They are linked to nerves which transmit the signals from the ear to the brain for translation into sound. Nerves and hairs can actually be damaged from prolonged high-frequency sound. These hairs and nerves can be damaged by listening excessive music. If you are exposed to high-pitched sound for too long your hearing could be damaged. The thing is, quieter sound can be heard long enough to last longer in comparison to loud noises. If your hearing is damaged it could cause the eardrums ring. Then you might require wearing a hearing aid. So how do you prevent this hearing loss? You must ensure that the headphones or Earbuds aren’t way too much. Make sure you take breaks when the music. If you are going to a concert, bring an earbud to put in. Your ears will appreciate it at the end. Set up an appointment for your next checkup.