How To The Job of Horizontal Directional Drillers – E-Library

Horizontal drilling is what drilling professionals use everyday. We will review of the fundamentals for horizontal drilling. HDD is a popular name for this type of drilling. This type of drilling involves three parts: the pilot boar and reaming. The last stage is production pipe installation. The pipeline installation is intended for locations where there is no open cut construction, such as busy roads and waterways, urban areas, and more. Limited workspace exists on both sides to house any equipment needed to facilitate pipe, which is surrounded by clear spaces for security procedures that must be followed. Pipelines have no effect upon the land they are crossing. In order to control erosion the silt fence is typically set up around the area. The sound curtains are used if required to cut down on noise. There is a drill machine and power source that is placed into position on the drill alignment, and an entry pit is created at the front to collect drilling fluid returns. Check out the video to get more information. o2wok4js1f.