Incredibly Unfortunate Roofing Situations – Spokane Events

To snare is an extremely difficult job. External conditions such as storms, wind and snow can take the difficulty to whole new levels. These factors can create unsafe conditions that roofing contractors must be aware of. In this clip you’ll witness some of these scenarios to see for yourself.

One clip shows storm force winds bending trees. This is the kind of winds where you should be in a safe place. This clip shows roofing contractors trying to survive the wind over their rooftops. The roof has been ripped off due to the powerful winds. Imagine these gusts of wind blowing over roofing with high slopes. That could be the situation. When a roof is this, one can quickly find them sliding off of the roof before they can grab onto the gutter. That’s what a man is looking like. He’s hanging off of the roof while holding on for long enough to live. It is a blessing to have a friend that will hold the ladder with himself and aid in getting him down safely.