Online and Late Breaking, RSS Feeds Keep You in the Know

It used to be that the daily newspaper published all the information we needed to stay informed. Now with the deluge of online news sites and innumerable blogs, we seem to demand even more information, much more often.

In order to meet this overwhelming societal demand, news sources have quickly learned to adapt, enabling online readers to access their content via free RSS feeds. Also known as Rich Site Summary feeds, or Really Simple Syndication, this format automatically updates with new articles and other content as it is published by the news source or blog.

As the news consumer, you then have the flexibility to compile a news feeds list made up of the top RSS feeds that coincide with the interests and topics you cannot get enough of. It is best to start out with a manageable list of of the free RSS feeds you know you will read on a daily or even twice daily basis. Perhaps you may choose a few of the best RSS feeds for general national and international news, and then supplement those sources with regional sources and niche publications that focus wide ranging topics like sports, music, or technological innovation.

Once you have found your go to online publications, you simply need to find a web reader that aggregates all your feeds in one easily navigable place. These options include Feedly, Pulse, and NewsBlur, to name a few. When you need greater depth and breadth of coverage, updated frequently, RSS feeds are undoubtedly the way to go.