What Does an Antitrust Lawyer Do? – What Is Legal Advice

Ct customers will more likely to receive great service and affordable prices. Sometimes, however the markets may not operate correctly due to price fixing, the absence of competition, or others. The antitrust attorney or lawyer is needed.

In some cases, you’ll hear about antitrust lawyers working on matters that involve large-scale mergers. In some instances, the government may be attempting to stop the proposed merger, in order to avoid from creating markets that are not competitive. For example it is possible for the government to block the merger of two huge airlines.

The reality is that antitrust matters include more than mergers of a large size. As an example, some firms could conspire to hike prices. When only two grocery stores provide services to a specific city, two store owners may conspire to hike prices. Given that the town’s residents don’t have alternative for grocery stores they could be forced to pay more.

Often, however sometimes, mergers are stifled or firms are accused of anti-competitive practices. The good news is that antitrust lawyers help companies that are facing antitrust and competition challenges.