What Happens During the Cremation Process? – Source and Resource

If you’re curious about how cremated remains are treated, this is how it works.
In the beginning, all cremation options will require a person to be cremated in cremation-specific caskets made from pine, plywood as well as other softwood products. Also, you must remove jewelry and breast implants before the body is able to be cremated. Because they could cause issues when cremation is taking place, it’s essential to remove them.
Following this, a metallic tag is put on the body, and it remains there from start to finish. This is for purpose of identification once the cremation procedure is completed. In the next step, the cremation process gets underway. After the body has been placed in an oven for 3-4 hours, it’s then heated to temperatures of 600F. The dimensions and the shape of the body determine how long for it to reach a temperature.
After the body is burned, the cremains are collected and put in the container. Then, they are taken to loved ones.
Cremation can be a good option over burial due to several factors. If you’re planning to build a funeral for your beloved one, it is crucial to think about the wishes they would like to have for their funeral. kbul3ibexs.