What Is the Difference Between Braces and Clear Braces? – Do I Need Braces?

or children. Clear braces are an ideal option for kids that do not want to see their braces. What is the distinction between metal braces that are clear and those with clear braces?

Clear braces fulfill the similar purpose of braces made from metal that can provide the same results in the same time. They’re composed of dental-colored plastic or porcelain, allowing them to be mostly hidden against the teeth. They are made of identical brackets and wire design, which means that from certain angles, they can be visible.

They’re not made of metal therefore they don’t work as well as traditional metal braces. A lack of durability may result in them not being effective for the majority of difficult orthodontic problems in children. Metal braces have the durability and the capability to fix the more severe orthodontic cases they may encounter in the mouth of your child.

If you’re considering getting the possibility of braces to your kid, visit your nearest orthodontist to discuss the possibility of having an appointment now. They’ll be able to inform you if clear braces could be a good option that your child would benefit from.