What You Should Do Before Divorce Mediation – Family Magazine

are getting to that moment where you may want to file for a divorce, it’s important to consider seeking assistance from a divorce mediator. If a couple fails to agree on an issue, mediation services are often the first to call. It could be about custody issues for children, or it may refer to who is getting what in the shared home. The video below will help you understand how you can prepare for divorce mediation to ensure it runs efficiently.

It’s crucial to write the details of any disagreements you have with as well as your spouse. It doesn’t matter how small or large, you should write everything down. This way, you are well-prepared when you and your spouse meet with the divorce mediator. This will make the meeting more efficient or allow you to receive the most value for your money and settle everything within just one or two meetings.

This video will outline everything you need to do prior to divorce mediation.