Have the Top News RSS Feeds Delivered to You

To find the top news RSS feeds, you have to delineate by what kind of news you want to follow. A list of the top RSS feeds by follower, and this includes every RSS feed listing on the web, have nothing but technology news in the top 10. Is this surprising? Not at all. Technology enthusiasts are far more likely to be following RSS feeds than the average person, and those enthusiasts are going to be looking for technology RSS lists to get their fix.

For other types of news, like international or domestic news and politics, the traditional big names in news tend to be in the top news RSS feeds. Not all of these are free RSS feeds, but most of the big names in traditional news media are all free. Most news sites also categorize their RSS feeds by topic. For instance, NPR has sections for their news headlines, their programming, and then by special topics. The special topics will give you an RSS update whenever they publish something about that topic. If you choose “Ira Glass”, you will not just get This American Life updates, but also anything Ira Glass has his name in.

If you want an RSS feed that combines all of the top news RSS feeds together, there are also web services that do that. The first page of the world news category of one of these services returns stories from media in the US, Germany, India, and Australia. Services like these do not just aggregate the top news RSS feeds on world news, many also feature news feeds lists relevant to the interests of everyone. These services collect the top news RSS feeds covering, among other things, science, art, religion, music, and celebrity news.

The top news RSS feeds for your interests will depend on what news you are interested in reading about. Reputable newspapers and news services will be your best bet for world news and politics, whereas technology blogs will suit your interests better if you are interested in gadgets. Or, you could use an RSS feed that takes all of the top news RSS feeds and mashes them together as a way to save time.