The Winding Ways of the Internet Have A Few More Tricks to Show Off

The way we send information is much different than it was 25 years ago. Mail, newspapers, magazines, and, to an extent, television news was the most accurate form of medium to be widely accepted as a credible news source. The breaking news was mostly on the covers of newspapers, the most critical news was reported on the nightly news, and then came magazines and mail to detail the news happenings. If you were to tell that to a person younger than a quarter decade, you might get a series of laughs, a slap, and maybe even a Tweet that mocks your ignorance. The fact of the matter is, with technologies like free RSS feeds and social media growing at the rapid rate they are, information is sent in seconds these days, breaking news in less than 140 characters, and video clips of historical events with the simple tap of a button on their mobile device and we are more informed than ever.

Technology like Rich Site Summary, otherwise known as Really Simple Syndication, allows people to share information without ever having to click more than a button. With a top news RSS feed, it is possible to ‘subscribe’ to one of the best RSS feeds simply by clicking an icon under a particular story you like and then have the ability to have one of the top RSS feeds populate your site with articles. Sure, they get the writing credits but your website will reap the benefits simply by getting interested people there with interesting material. In truth, you might think you have to subscribe for a fee but some of the top RSS feeds are free RSS feeds. To find out which one of the top news RSS feeds are that are free RSS feeds, you should try researching free RSS feeds or do some exploring.

Take an advantage through the winding streets of the internet to find on of the free RSS feeds that engages your interests. Sports, music, celebrity pet names, super hero underwear design, or anything else you can think of, there are free RSS feeds that you can subscribe to in a matter of tenths of a second. Think about well known and reputable web sites and look for their RSS icon. Subscribing to more popular feeds may cause more money because of popularity or fees.